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This light takes an E27 Max 25W screw-in bulb. Pendant Dimensions: Small Diameter For more delivery information, including our international delivery charges, click here.

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First of all you should know…. Tarnish is a thin layer of corrosion that quickly forms over your silver jewelry, resulting in the formation of a dark coating that is undesirable to look at. Tarnish is basically the dulling of silver that typically occurs as a chemical reaction with hydrogen sulfide or sulfur present in the atmosphere.

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In most cases, some believe that the tarnish is caused by oxidation but it is not true since silver is not reactive to water or oxygen at average temperatures. Nevertheless, the metal in the alloy such as copper does tend to react with oxygen. This is why silver is generally stored in air-restricted spaces — although since most jewelry boxes and cabinets are not airtight it still allows for the tarnishing process, just at a slower pace. In addition to the air, your silver jewelry may very well react with you skins alkaline levels.

The presence of Sulphur and amino acids that can be found in perspiration can cause discoloration to your skin and jewelry. Cleaning the jewelry regularly helps to avoid this type of discoloration. We are going to try, test and show you the results of 10 different recommended products, so that we can determine the best DIY method to cleaning silver jewelry at home. Each method will be rated out of 10 on its success PLUS we will be showing you the before and after results. Please bear in mind that we have used the toughest of tarnish situations in this test - So some of them may work better on less problematic situations.

Method 1 Baking Soda and Aluminum Foil Add boiling water and baking soda to a bowl layered with aluminum foil. Remove after minutes, rinse under cool water and rub dry with a soft cloth.

This process causes a chemical reaction that removes tarnish from the silver within second or minutes. Results You can see the process happening and the dark, discolored piece of jewelry changing back to its original state. It is truly amazing and is by far our best DIY method yet. Our favorite and most popular DIY method for cleaning silver jewelry is the baking soda and aluminum process. If your silver jewelry turns yellow or black you can reverse the effect by using this very simple method with items you already have at home.

In the toughest of tarnish situations this low cost and easy method will clean your jewelry within 30 seconds - 3 minutes depending on the state of your silver. We captured the process of cleaning our silver with baking soda and aluminium - so here is the video for you to see for yourself the amazing process and results.

Clean Tarnished Silver Jewelry

Instantly place the silver jewelry in the dish, it can be one or more pieces as long as it fits in the bowl. Ensure that the jewelry is touching the aluminum foil — this is an essential part of the process for the chemical reaction to occur Leave in the solution for minutes. If the level of tarnishing is really bad then you can leave it in up to 10 minutes.

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Remove the jewelry with a pair of kitchen tongs or a spoon. Rinse under cool water. You may then shine it with the dry cleaning cloth. Prepare to be amazed! Method 2 Lemon and Salt Bath Squeeze a lemon into a bowl with 3 tablespoons of salt and hot water and placed the tarnished bracelet to rest in there for 5 minutes. Remove and rub with soft cloth. Results The tarnish was tough to remove using this solution with a regular cloth - It hurt my fingers rubbing.

After the experiment with the regular cloth I took a white silver cleaning cloth, which really helped in lifting the tarnish. This would only be efficient if you have a silver cleaning cloth, it is too much effort with a regular cloth and does not bring perfect results. Method 3 Toothpaste Take a pea sized amount of toothpaste on a dish and rub into the silver using a dish washing sponge. Rinse in warm water. Results The toothpaste removed some of the tarnish but only slightly and not enough to make a fully successful difference. It came off in patches rather than fading the entire piece.

Method 4 Coca Cola Pour some coca cola into a bowl and soak the jewelry in it for 10 minutes - remove and rub with a cloth. Results I really expected the coca cola to strip the silver clean but unfortunately the effect was minimal and not worth the time spent. Method 5 Window Cleaner Spray the window cleaner onto a soft cloth and rub silver. Results The silver is shinier but no color improvement at all. This product is great to use after you have cleaned your jewelry as it gives it a nice shine.

Method 6 Beer Pour a cup of beer into a bowl and soak the jewelry in there for minutes. Remove and rub clean with a cloth. Results This method did not provide perfect results but it definitely lifted the shade a touch lighter. I certainly expected more from this considering how many times I have heard it mentioned as a successful silver cleaning method. That being said I could see a difference, just not good enough to wear.

Method 7 Ketchup Squeeze a small amount of ketchup onto a toothbrush and rub into the silver. Results I could see a slight difference but it was not as successful as I had hoped for. Also it is a bit messy and smells unpleasant, just for that I would recommend against it. Method 8 Vinegar Soak the jewelry in a bowl of vinegar, then dip the cloth and rub the jewelry with the cloth.

Results After all that has been said of this method it was not even closely effective as expected.

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You could see a slight difference but not enough that the jewelry was even wearable. Method 9 Vodka Pour a cup of vodka into a bowl and soak the silver jewerly for 5 minutes. Dip a cloth into the vodka, remove jewelry and rub with cloth.